Hello and welcome to my portfolio of directing, acting, and teaching work.

My Mission:  To captivate and inspire on the frontier of storytelling.

About Me:

     I recently returned from New Orleans, LA to my hometown of Dubuque, IA where I begin this year as an Assistant Professor & Director of Theatre at Loras College, guiding the oldest continuously operating theatre troupe west of the Mississippi.
     I have directed and acted in a variety of plays and musicals, classical, contemporary, and original through the American Midwest and South. I earned my B.A. in Theatre Performance/Acting from the University of Northern Iowa and M.F.A. in Theatre Performance/Directing from the University of New Orleans, where I was a director and taught Acting and Directing courses for the School of the Art's Film & Theatre majors.
     In 2008, I co-founded and served for seven years as artistic director of Trainwreck Productions, a very successful, still operating found-space theatre company, popular for it's bawdy musicals and arresting two-handers.
     I am equally comfortable with intimate DIY productions, as well as large stages and production-values. My work has been seen with notable companies such as The NOLA Project and Southern Rep, and has received multiple Big Easy Entertainment Award nominations and Kennedy Center Awards through KCACTF, including Excellence in Directing (The Royale) and National Best/Outstanding Ensemble (The Aliens).
     I look forward to serving students and growing in my new role at Loras College while continuing to pursue my professional artistic practice.


Upcoming Projects:


Thesis: Story & Style: Pursuing Excellence on the Academic Stage
Forthcoming Research: The modes and psychological effects of "tension and release" as a major operator in performing/temporal art.