a devised play conceived by Ryan Michael Decker
co-directed by Rachel Russell and Ryan Michael Decker
produced by UNISTA  |  October 2010

A dark adaptation of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, Alice (and the audience) takes a rickety elevator into the London "Underground" and encounters the cocaine addicted White Rabbit, bipolar Mad Hatter, split-personality Tweedle, and many more in an effort to get the "stuff" and get out. A very high Caterpillar frequently imparts wisdom, but, in the place that time forgot, it may not be enough to save Alice from the evil Cat spirit's demonic possession or a Red Queen more fearsome than the original story told.

Scenic Designer:
   Sam Pelelo-Ray
Lighting Designer:
   Stephanie Wessels
Costume Designer:
   Tori Rezek
Hair & Makeup Designer:
   Bailey Otto
Sound Designer:
   Matthew Vichlach

Stage Manager:
   Michael Cahill

Production photos:
Michael F. Brown

Character/costume photos:
Tori Rezek