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April 7, 2013
Hello everyone out there in interwebsland!  This evening concludes day three of the second annual Julien Dubuque International Film Festival.  I would like to use this opportunity to both encourage you attend festival screenings and wax eloquently on all the films I saw today.  However, it's been a long three days and sleep is coming swiftly and severely for this Film Festival-goer/volunteer/writer.  Words are hard and publishing is fast, so again, please forgive my brevity and grammatical errors.

While I hope to post about today's films and events more completely in the future, I'm afraid I am simply not coherent enough at the end of this long day to do them justice.  So instead, I've set out to collect "Six-Word Reviews" from my fellow (cognizant) film-goers.  I asked them to share what their favorite film (or event) of the day was, and get you to attend in six words.  Here's a few of them:

"Outrageous. Hilarious. Shocking. Relevant. Touching. Jaw-dropping." - Kelley D.

Gray Area
"Riveting and very eye-opening." - Janelle
"I left wanting to make change." - Heather

Pints & Pins
"Filled with very interesting characters." - Dean
"It was right up my alley." - Ben (get it?...)

"Thrilling and unpredictable, yet character driven." - Lenny

First Date
"'Sh***y' and funny!" - Cathy (you'd have to see the film...)

Molly's Girl
"Hilarious, emotional, brilliant, surprising, and evoking." - Crescentia

Spotlight: Matt Coatsworth & Varda Hardy
"...valuable networking opportunity with experienced filmmakers." - Suzie

Well gang, that was fun!  Maybe we'll do this again tomorrow.  One final day remains.  Now... Go See A Movie!

Now Go See a Movie: "Harry Grown Up"

April 6, 2013
Day two of the second annual Julien Dubuque International Film Festival and the first day of this year's film screenings has come to a close.  I'm a newbie to blogging, but you can't beat the publishing speed (please forgive my spelling and grammatical mistakes).  I'm venturing into this medium because, dear reader, I must urgently implore you attend the Festival if you have not or are not already.

Leading up to the festival and in the past two days, I have seen a number of films (featu...
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